Jack-o-lanterns have completed being nurished on plump raindrops and are occupied being turned into pumpkin-pies, and salted roasted seeds.

Large, laconic sunflowers drop sadly at the wet soil while starving birds preparing for colder weather snack ont heir rich seeds. Any that haven';t been uprooted are destined for the compost to replenish the earth for next year’s harvest.

Taters have even strted to show  worrying signs of becoming tired by onslaught of wild weather. While their potatoes grow under-ground, protected from the muddy puddles and brisk tinge to the cold in to the air, the nightshade leaves have started to discolor and lay flat on the ground under the constant pounding from above.

Berries are wilting from the UNRELENTING load of collecting rain drops but their raspberries are still bursting bright scarlet, for now. After a long overdue involved  picking it will be time to cutthe bushes back before reaping and drying out leaves for distribution to greedy pregnant goats.