Flowers Represents

Each Company will receive a basket of flowers , Fruit basket And a dozen moon cake box , the boss will moon cake, fruit basket percentage there is a net first carry Fanli family survive . Have a fruit basket is on the Department of GOD the most good if it’s sweet and juicy peaches , the boss will d d flowers studded with blue flowers throughout the office.

Hong Kong flower shop has a lot of overseas Delivery service . Drainage Dei has had contact with foreign d shop , ( of course not you agree to send flowers on the Hong Kong over the past affect you) , if you shop in Hong Kong than the address drainage Die generous . to ok Jiala . and you can ask the flowers generous Species, but also can help you write d best wishes and so on. but the price will be expensive than Hong Kong d. If you wish to send Valentine’s Day , then we would go set this Friday , due to be 3 to 4 working days.

Explain most of the carnation flower Flowers Represents the love, charm and respect for feelings.
White: sweet and lovely , innocent , pure love , to bring good luck gift to women , pure , pure friendship , my real love, my love everlasting , faith, elegant love, truth , respect
Pink: I will never forget you , beautiful, young , loving , happy mother forever young and beautiful ; moving, beautiful , maternal love, the love of women , I love you passionately .
Red: My heart pains for you , appreciation , adoration , infatuation , maternal love, affection, warm love, passion , broken heart , thoughts , believe in your love , I wish his mother good health and longevity , I wish you health.
Yellow: You made me feel disappointed, abandoned, despised , long-term friendship, thanks to the grace of his mother , rejected, humiliated limb, contempt , forever grateful , deep friendship .
M red : sad deep.
Red : warm love.
Pink : love you.
Noise : turn your love purple : capricious , unpredictable .
Striped : refuse , I can not be with you
Striped : I’m sorry.
So sometimes people will use some Lam Tin Service Sent to serve both the Friends of Wu Zhu .

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