Benefits of landscaping with native plants

Exotic may be intriguing but native is long lasting! And that is why many landscape architects try and tame trees and plants that are native to a place. Native plants may be omnipresent in your area. You may see them in ditches and hedges and believe that this is where they should belong, but they are still one of the best options for you. Here’s why:

Native plants are a harbinger of the past. They give us something of our history and make us aware of how our ancestors saw the land.
Native plants provide a natural oasis for birds and insects that live in your area.
When you select plants that are native to your locality, you can be almost sure that these will thrive and flourish, even with minimal care. The conditions and the soil are best suited for native plants and thus, these plants need little extra care and protection.
Recently, there has been some hue and cry over exotic plants requiring disproportionately high amounts of water. However, native plants are natural in your area and therefore do not need additional amounts of water.
Since native plants are hardy and require less attention, they are long lasting. They need less maintenance than expensive exotic plants. Exotic plants may require the use of expensive insecticides and pesticides. They may also require special fertilizers, which when added to the soil could alter the chemistry of the soil. Native plants do not pose an environmental threat.
Native plants are best suited for a natural garden as these plants are already available in the environment.

However, in spite of their advantages, native plants can be difficult. For one thing, the cost of establishing a native garden is much higher. Sometimes, seeds and saplings may be scarce, while at other times, growth can be painfully slow. Some native plants are difficult to obtain simply because people are legally prohibited from growing these plants.

However, the task of planting a natural garden is easy when you work with an experienced landscape architect. They will have sufficient know-how about the kinds of plants that would grow in your soil. To understand this, they may even conduct a soil test.

When selecting Austin native plants, it is important to choose with care. It is important to differentiate between ceiling plants and floor plants so that it may be possible to plant these according to their natural growth patterns.

Once the garden has been planted, it is important to enhance the growth of plants using the right kinds of fertilizers and so on. In this too, an architect or a master gardener can be immensely helpful.

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