Market flower vendor displays

I can’t decide what to buy, theyre all so lovely. What shall I choose ?



Such very pretty flowers to see in Seattle, Washington with friends. Visit Pike’s place market.

What a lovely site to see.

Fall patio is still really enjoyable even with chill in the air.

Northwest Native Plants

Northwest Native Plants is your trusted research guide to making your home more beautiful with the best Flowers, shrubs and trees in the Northwest region of the United…


Gorgeous flowers

Such an amazing array of flowers in the PNW.


Zen backyard ideas.

I am getting some great zen garden ideas for fall 2014


summer-flowers- already miss them

really miss the sun and my lovely barrels of flowers out in the backyard.


stunning purple peeps

lovely purple morning glories make my heart sing.


Vegetable Gardening

Bring on the fresh-picked okra!


Is it a flower

or something out of this world ? Bring in your tomatoes !


9 ideas for a hillside garden

Sponsored post link: 9 ideas for a hillside garden A sloped backyard comes alive with water-wise plants and clever landscaping Sunset | Garden

Summer flowers at Cape Krusenstern National Monument

Northwest Garden Show Contest thoughts !

Time is running out to enter the wonderful H&G photo contest for homes of PNW. Have fun looking at all  entries submitted thus far in the Homes & Gardens of…


Fall Lost Gardener – A Journey from the Summer to Winter

Jack-o-lanterns have completed being nurished on plump raindrops and are occupied being turned into pumpkin-pies, and salted roasted seeds. Large, laconic sunflowers drop sadly at the wet soil while starving birds preparing for colder weather snack ont…


Autumn Is Amazing

The Liquidambar styraciflua, or Sweetgum, is one of autumn’s most brilliantly colored trees, its leaves showing off every color in the spectrum. The Liquidambar was wide spread, existing…

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